• Re: Want to join a Rivals Crew? Post your stats here!

    On xbox, XWING FIGHTERS, a diamond crew, is looking for spotlight guitar/bass for bloodstone push next week. We are a top 100 crew last season and this, but our top guitarist hasn't been active this season, and we need that final push to go with our solid gold vocalist, drummer, and active xp grinders. Please consider joining (we may end up worshipping you and singing your praises). Most of us chat on the app and are down for playing online, but we don't require an xp quota or that you purchase every song. Just play! If you only want to come if you can bring a family member or friend, message me and we can maybe make room.
  • Re: DLC's Should Not Be Spotlight / Rival Songs

    Bing offers walmart, target, amazon, and gamestop giftcards if you are on ps4. If you are on xbox, xbox cards are usually less free points, but free points are free points! At a quarter a day in points, you might not get a song a week, but you would be able to participate more. Although you will feel that shame each time you click, as I do. ;)
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    My crew has several members that like to get new songs, but sometimes there are songs that no one likes or maybe someone likes but only plays guitar so we won't have drum or vocal scores. This increases conversations on the app like "hey let's take a break this week", "I don't want to compete with these songs", or "hey I will go ahead a get that one, don't worry about it". The lady gaga week comes to mind as a week that we just tried to play enough challenge songs to stay at our current tier. Now, with no demotions, just take a week off if no one wants something, no penalty.

    Personally I don't mind the 2 or 4 bucks a week for spotlight songs at all. I tend to play spotlight songs on all instruments (Jack of all trades master of none), and usually multiple times on each, so if a song is 4 minutes long, I easily get between half an hour to an hour of enjoyment out of it that week. Then it is in my library, so I can continue to play it in future challenges. Also it was a spotlight song, so when I go online there is a better chance that others have it as well. In the past I bought dlc when it was on sale (value) or sometimes it was a song that I had to have (anything 90s alternative), but playing online didn't mean that others would have the same songs, so many of those songs became local play only. This does not feel like the case anymore with spotlight songs.

    Another reason I don't mind the cost is I am a...(please don't judge me)... Bing user (there I said it). I "earn" about a quarter a day searching on bing just to support my DLC habit. Yes I lower myself to mindless searches where I enter I bunch of junk, then delete one letter, repeat until I earned my 15 cents on my computer and 10 cents on my phone, but Rockband is worth it. Harmonix is worth it! HMXOwl is almost worth it!

    Again, here are my reasons in support of DLC in spotlight in bullet format:
    - Increased strategy and communication with crew and no longer penalized
    - Added value as DLC gets played more often
    - I don't pay-to-play, I subject myself to using bing
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    As others have put forth some alternative options, I am calling this option X. What if the scoring system was tweaked in a way that allowed for higher scores after the update and the leaderboard is left alone. Past scores will be quickly beaten by players who continue to play the game rather than a museum piece for past glories of players who came before. If you continue to play and can replicate your performances at some level, you can easily beat your old scores. If you don't care enough to play, let your old scores drop in position. Leaderboard wipes are messy and discouraging and caused issues in the past with achievements. Knowing that there is now a way to get higher scores encourages score chasers to play more. Players who don't play or don't wish to replay songs might not notice scores going down anyway, so it affects them only if they check their scores. In which case, they might want to replay again to get their scores up again.
  • Re: A Message to All Crews That Plan on Competing in Rivals for XP (From Former #3 Spot)

    I have loved reading this thread! The idea of 5 guys subjecting themselves to hours of Stephen Colbert's parody 80s/stalker song just to win third place totally cracks me up!

    I am looking forward to using "Charlened" or "Colberted" as a verb. I am liking Charlened as it rolls off the tongue better, but I could totally see Stephen incorporating Rock Band into a bit on his late show if he got wind of his name being used as a verb, especially since he enjoys word smithing (Truthiness anyone)!

    Colberted (v) to get owned at the last minute by a well-organized unscrupulous team effort using a cheap exploit! example: We were totally dominating the leaderboard until we got Colberted by Team Fancy Pants!