• Re: Drums not connecting

    Check in this order 1. batteries (get new ones as ones in the box maybe cheap and more than 2 years old) 2. hitting in different order the "sync" buttons on both xbox and drums with patience and perserverance (doesn't work, wait, okay try again, okay wait, try again...)3. make sure cordless phones, cell phones, or bluetooth devices are not too close to xbox or drums (what is too close? I don't know just get it out of here!) 4. If it is mad katz drum set look up instructions on firmware upgrade (only if everything else is failing as it takes a bit of knowledge and a spare pc, I haven't done this yet as steps 1 through 3 worked for me).
  • Re: Introducing the Rock Band Season 2 Spotlight Pass!

    This is perfect for me, part of what I have loved about buying spotlight songs is discovering new music. I figured the value was that I played those songs repeatedly for a week trying to improve scores and add xp (2 bucks for 60 to 120 minutes of entertainment not counting future replays when it ends of in a challenge again). 4 instruments x 3-6 song plays x 5 minutes a song. Don't care what they are as long as they are new to rock band and sounds like they are. Rivals has changed how I play rock band, and basically getting a little more than 1 free song next season makes me happy!
  • Re: Need Crew Members

    If it is just you, consider joining another crew, drummers are in short supply (not sure of your talent level) so I am sure there are many crews looking for members. My kids have a platinum almost diamond crew, TIE FIGHTERS, and they are looking for members. They will almost always have all DLC for spotlight as they have access to my songs. There will be no pressure to play anymore than you wish as they are truly casual players. :smile:
  • Re: DLC Discussion 7/27: RATM and The Temper Trap!

    The New Slang song sounded like it could have come from the Good Will Hunting soundtrack (it didn't). Made me nostalgic for the super easy haircut I had in high school (pretty much the same haircut Matt Damon had in the movie). Funny what memories a certain sound can bring about when it rattles around in my head for a while.
    It was in Garden State, which would have been about five years later. I don't know if that changes things for you.
    I saw Garden State once maybe a year after it came out. No real memory connection for me there. I think the sound of "New Slang" is similar to Elliot Smith "Between the Bars". I had to google bing (earning points for more dlc) the soundtrack to find the exact song it was making me think of. So happy that this is a spotlight song as I liked it instantly.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: 7/20

    "The first 2 disc song challenge since the first challenge of June."

    ...and a 99 cent song that is charitable. This week has me feeling good all over.