• Re: Season 1 Ending... What will our on-screen rockers be wearing next?

    Badges! We don't need no stinkn' badges! (Movie quote, actually I am ok with badges, but a Toga would be better)
  • Re: Need Crew Members

    Ha, I messed up their name. XWING FIGHTERS. I knew it was Star Wars Related.
  • Kicked Friend for Laser Cat

    I am confessing to the forums because it is funny and I feel just a little guilty. Two days ago I kicked a friend/coworker from my crew because someone messaged me, promising 20,000 xp grinding. My real life friend had not played in about 5 weeks, and even when he was playing, he would maybe contribute 10 song plays a week. My crew has being bouncing from platinum and diamond for several weeks, only staying diamond on exceptional weeks where 3 or 4 of us put in over 100 song plays. I really did not want to miss out on a chance at laser cat if it was an off week, so I kicked the friend to support the crew (and selfishly hopefully get laser cat shirt in a few weeks). Do I regret it? No, new dude has already played more than 50 song plays, and we are solidly in the safe zone for diamond. But...not sure if that makes it right.

    On a side note, daughter is also not playing much, so if someone wants to message me, I will totally kick her too. (I am joking... kinda)
  • Re: Season 1 is Coming...

    I want a toga, I was promised a toga! Toga...Toga...Toga. Now I want a Toga with a dinosaur!
  • Re: A Message to All Crews That Plan on Competing in Rivals for XP (From Former #3 Spot)

    I have loved reading this thread! The idea of 5 guys subjecting themselves to hours of Stephen Colbert's parody 80s/stalker song just to win third place totally cracks me up!

    I am looking forward to using "Charlened" or "Colberted" as a verb. I am liking Charlened as it rolls off the tongue better, but I could totally see Stephen incorporating Rock Band into a bit on his late show if he got wind of his name being used as a verb, especially since he enjoys word smithing (Truthiness anyone)!

    Colberted (v) to get owned at the last minute by a well-organized unscrupulous team effort using a cheap exploit! example: We were totally dominating the leaderboard until we got Colberted by Team Fancy Pants!