• Re: DLC to RB4 - (SIEE - DSB and Smooth Criminal, Xbox/SIEA - Spinal Tap)


    So you're telling me there's a chance!?!
  • Re: Want to join a Rivals Crew? Post your stats here!

    On XBOX, XWING FIGHTERS has one open spot. Casual crew now 9 strong. Some play, some don't, no one really uses the app to chat (at least I don't so I don't know if others might), some have skill, some don't, some buy spotlight, some don't. We made diamond last season with a chance for bloodstone in final week when only 5 strong. Join if you want most of the funky helmets and no pressure to play any more than you already do. Not looking to kick anyone (maybe we will feel differently if you literally never played for a season or two, but then why are you joining?)

    We will add the first person who requests to join. In the event of a tie we will pick the person with the best gamertag/picture or any arbitrary criteria my 9 year old can come up with. (Remember if you are leaving a crew, you can't play for anything but xp this week until the next challenge starts on Thursday).

    Edit: Crew is full after we added two talentless posers! See you on the leaderboard!
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Variety Hour!

    I bought the pass, so in my mind which is full of denial and justification, I am considering this my free song, so my money didn't go anywhere. I will also play it about 12 times to get my spotlight use out of it and won't feel guilty because I didn't pay for it. IN FACT, now it feels like I am stealing from Ted because I got his song for free. Now, please, no one attempt to burst my bubble.
  • Re: Season 1 Ending... What will our on-screen rockers be wearing next?

    Badges! We don't need no stinkn' badges! (Movie quote, actually I am ok with badges, but a Toga would be better)
  • Re: Need Crew Members

    Ha, I messed up their name. XWING FIGHTERS. I knew it was Star Wars Related.