• Augmented reality vs. virtual reality

    It's cool that VR is gaining so much traction, but I'm sad that AR (augmented reality) didn't take off instead. Augmented reality is basically Google Glass -- something that overlays the real world, rather than replacing it altogether.

    I was a huge nut for Google Glass as a productivity tool, because it's SO COOL! AR has lots of gaming possibilities, though; imagine Pokémon Go where the Pokémon are actually rendered in your field of view, or a Rock Band AR title where the note highway is projected, but you can still see what's around you to rock out properly.

    Anyone else have thoughts on AR?
  • A new leaderboard website is coming, and it will include your scores from before the wipe

    As most of you probably know, the next RB4 patch is fixing a lot of exploits, and that means a full leaderboard wipe. In my opinion, this is not only necessary, but totally worth it for the long-term viability of RB4's leaderboards. But what happens to the old scores after the patch? Do they sit on a secondary database under someone's desk at Harmonix? Do they just disappear into the ether?

    A few people asked that question after the wipe was announced, and I'm happy to announce that I've been working with Harmonix on it. On the day of the patch, I'll be launching a new leaderboard website with both current RB4 scores and a snapshot of "pre-wipe" scores. This resource will use official leaderboard data, but is not formally affiliated with Harmonix.

    My target date for the snapshot is 24 hours before the patch, so any scores achieved on the final day might not be included. Otherwise, everything should be there: global leaderboards, individual song leaderboards, GS/FC count, and at least partial Brutal Mode / Crimson Star data. Each category will include all instruments (Band, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Pro Drums, Vocals, Harmonies) and both platforms (Xbox One and PS4). Pretty neat, right?

    At the very least, the initial site will let you see the top scores for each song and the global leaderboards, along with the FC laurel for scores achieved after that feature was added. I can't promise any other features for launch, but @CURS06 (currently No. 1 on the PS4 Guitar boards by a huge margin!) and @IBitePrettyHard are helping out and passing along what score-chasers want. Ideally, you'll be able to look up anyone's personal leaderboard by their handle, filter and sort the lists in a variety of ways, and even compare two players' scores. Again, no promises for day 1, but I'll be open to feedback after we're up and running.

    Let me reiterate: This is not an official Harmonix resource, and will have no impact on your in-game scores or Player Stats totals. The snapshotted scores are just for historical interest, and should always be taken with a grain of salt because of the old exploits.

    Will this site only list the top few players on each leaderboard and song?
    Not at all! My current goal is to grab every last score so everyone can review their past achievements. Current testing shows that this is a very feasible goal, but I'll let you know if that changes.

    Will the "pre-wipe" snapshot include scores I get between now and the patch?
    It should, except for the day before the patch, but I can't promise anything on behalf of Harmonix, Microsoft, and Sony. Basically, if the in-game leaderboard shows a score, it will be captured. If it's not on the in-game leaderboard, it probably won't.

    Will the site be mobile-friendly?
    At some point, yes! I'm shooting for a mobile interface at launch, but if I miss that, it'll be my first update. I mean, come on, it's 2016. (Sorry, but no app. Just a snappy mobile website.)

    I'm a developer and I have a nerd question for you, you nerd.
    Why yes hello, this is nerd. The site is built in ExtJS 6, with a PHP REST back-end. Nothing fancy.

    I have a question about the leaderboard wipe and my in-game scores.
    Please read HMXJosh's FAQ on the official forums. I don't represent Harmonix, and my ability to answer these questions is limited to reposting official statements.

    If you have any other questions, post them in this thread and I'll do my best to answer. Otherwise, I'll see you when the patch goes live!
  • Re: January Update Preview: Score Integrity & Leaderboard Fixes

    Re: the "OD cancel" exploit:

    I'm part of a small group of users working directly with Harmonix on issues like these, and I recently gave them a big wall of text for why I think this is an exploit, not a feature. Obviously everyone wants the OD to stop draining, because saving a failed bandmate is a big part of casual play, but using that for high scores is, in my opinion, much more exploitative. It comes down to this: If you're OD-canceling, at least two other bandmates are throwing their entire performance for your sake. This is not in the spirit of multiplayer Rock Band.

    The proposed fix is a code patch that disables leaderboard posting for any performance where any band member fails. This does impact people who want to post their scores while playing with a 3-year-old sibling, for example, but No-Fail Mode is a simple workaround for that. Unfortunately, the code burden for this proposal might be too much for the January patch, and if it doesn't make it in January, it will require more leaderboard wipes. As an alternative, I've also suggested some new asset on the leaderboards that gets across "this solo score was achieved during ".

    I don't even chase scores, just Gold Stars, but I know this exploit basically wrecks the top 10 on a lot of songs, especially for Vocals. Please lend your voice to mine, and politely and civilly let Harmonix know it's important to you.