• Season 3 of Community Challenges is over! We're taking a week off, and we want your feedback

    Hi everyone! First: My apologies for the current delay in winners and prizes. The process is *mostly* automated, but there's still plenty of manual intervention to weed out fake scores and typos. We were good for most of Season 2, at least!

    The end of Season 3 marks 12 weeks of RB4 Community Challenges, and over 100 weeks' worth of free DLC sent to the winners. Our brave Creative Challenge participants from S1 have been sent some physical swag, and things are largely going as planned.

    @matt0028 and I have less and less time for challenges each week, though, and we're concerned about the longevity of the project. So, to put it simply: Should we keep running Community Challenges? If we do, what would you like to see improved? Do you mostly participate in Challenges for the competition or for the shot at free DLC? Is there a better framework we could use to encourage competition? Is there a better framework we could use to give out free stuff?

    If we decide to keep going, Season 4 will start on July 5. Otherwise, we'll figure out a good way to go out with a bang. :) Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, and please look forward to future projects from the two of us, the Super User Group, and Harmonix!
  • Season 1 of Community Challenges is over! Here's what to look forward to in Season 2

    Hey everyone! We're your local challenge moguls, @matt0028 and @pksage, and we'd like to fireside chat a bit about Community Challenges.

    We're treating each month of challenges as a "season", because E-SPORRRRTS, and today marks the end of Season 1. Three rounds of prizes (our pre-season giveaway and weeks 1-2) have already been given away, and the winners of weeks 3 and 4 will be announced soon! Over 130 people participated, despite relatively little promotion, and we managed to capture a little of the RB2 battle magic.

    Season 1 was far from perfect, though. We rushed into it, and pksage vastly underestimated how much work was needed (as usual). Here's some of the issues we had in S1, and what we're doing to fix them going forward:
    • It was hard to see the status of your submissions. Some features were added for this in weeks 2 and 3, but it's still far from "good". The Challenge Hub is being reworked to show your previous submissions right there on the page; a single place where you can submit and track your scores. @matt0028 can elaborate on submission-tracking issues, and we'll be working together to find the best solutions.
    • It took forever for winners to be announced and prizes to be given away. This was on pksage for not distributing the work, as Matt didn't have any views into the rb4scores data. Most of the end-of-week processes are now automated, and pksage will be polishing them up and getting Matt involved for Season 2. Our goal is for winners to be announced on the same Monday that a challenge ends, and for prizes to go out the next day (pending codes from Harmonix).
    • It was unclear what the prizes were. We thought that Harmonix would be providing $2 DLC codes, like most codes in the 360/PS3 era, but we learned instead that they're generously giving codes for full packs. Obviously we don't want to award codes for DLC you might have already bought, so we've been awarding the next week's DLC as each week's lottery prize. We'll be continuing this for Season 2, but it will be better communicated.
    • No mobile support. We'll have at least a bare-bones mobile interface in place for Season 2! FINALLY.
    • Technical issues. Most of these were tied to features pksage was adding as we went, and have been ironed out.
    • Creative Challenges. These had very low participation, probably due to poor promotion, no explanation of what the prizes were, and small windows of entry. We are not currently planning any Creative Challenges for Season 2, but they're not dead! We'll be reviving them when time and resources allow, possibly decoupled from rb4scores entirely.
    We are so grateful to everyone that participated in our challenges, and we're excited to see you back in Season 2! To make sure the infrastructure is ready, we're taking a short break: Weekly challenges will resume on Tuesday, May 3. In the meantime, give us your feedback! What did we do right, and what can we improve? What was your favorite challenge? What other kinds of challenges would you like to see?
  • Re: RB4 Weekly Challenges: April Week 1

    That's fine, @TimmoWarner! I'll be revising the submission process for both kinds of challenges to make it clearer.


    UPDATE: For the last few days, you were kind of submitting scores into a black hole, but now you can see everyone's scores for each challenge. Go see who's beating you (or revel in your #1 score), and improve your score to beat them (or to keep your spot!)

    @matt0028 and I have been planning Community Challenges for a while, and we had everything mapped out ahead of time. Unfortunately, "for the players and by the players" has a key weakness, like many fan projects: lack of resources. I'm the only developer for the Challenges infrastructure, and I don't get paid for it; my payment is the smiles on the children's faces as they savagely beat one another with plastic guitars. I've been juggling a lot of commitments lately, and I appreciate your patience as I get these basic features up to speed.

    Some other notes / known issues:
    • Tied scores are not correctly showing as ties, but they will be calculated correctly when divvying up ♠ on Monday.
    • Until this update, users were incorrectly able to enter challenges on Pro Drums. These scores have been saved, but will not count for anything. Remember: Pro Drums, Harmonies, and 2+ player band scores are not currently supported in Community Challenges. If you normally play Pro Drums, make sure to pick Drums when playing your challenge songs! Pro Drums can earn more points than regular Drums. We will be checking the official leaderboards and image proofs (if provided) to make sure only Drums scores are being submitted.
    • Relatedly, if you have Pro Drums or Harmonies selected for the whole tool, the challenge leaderboards will show Drums and Vocals, respectively.
    • The entry form was also incorrectly allowing players to type in their own values for each song (it's supposed to just be a dropdown menu). This has been fixed.
    • The decimal value on the Overall board for each challenge shows how each song is weighted. Your score on each song is worth between 0 and 1, scaling exactly with the highest score submitted on that instrument in that challenge. If you HAVE the max score, it's worth 1; if you have half that score, it's worth 0.5. Your total value across all songs determines your overall rank for that challenge. Mathematical!
    • The leaderboards don't currently highlight your own score, or bring it to the top, or otherwise make it easy to find. (This is also true of every other rb4scores.com leaderboard.) This will be addressed in a future update.
    • Monthly and Lifetime challenge leaderboards will be added during or after the next challenge.
    • The "Time Left:" clock on the Challenge Hub is not correctly handling different time zones right now. Until I get around to that, please remember that the challenge deadline is Monday, April 4, at 2:00 AM (02:00) Eastern Time (GMT -4).
    • Mobile support, especially for entering challenges without being tied to a PC, is still a very high priority. It's also a big pain in the ass, but I'll try to have it ready for next week's challenges. (No promises.)
    You still have ~20 hours to enter this week's challenges, including our Creative Challenge to design a band around the four seasons! Hop to it and win some slick prizes!
  • Re: Community Challenges are starting next week, a bit late. Post here to win pre-challenge DLC codes!

    Thanks for your patience! I had a ton of last-minute coding to do for the ACTUAL challenges, which you can check out right over here, so I had to put this on the back burner. (Technically I STILL have lots to do over there, but this is important!)

    We had 285 entries, 183 from reddit and 102 from the official forums, and a wide variety of song choices! To decide the winners, I asked random.org for 10 numbers from 1 to 285:

    And going down the list (with reddit as 1-183 and the forums as 184-285), here are your winners!
    • rjwalsh94 (reddit, XB1)
      • Favorite RB4: Live - "All Over You"
      • Favorite DLC: Alice in Chains - "Would?"
      • Most Wanted: Live - "Iris"
    • chrischob (reddit, PS4)
      • Favorite RB4: Grouplove - "Tongue Tied"
      • Favorite DLC: Pearl Jam
      • Most Wanted: Modest Mouse - "Lampshades on Fire"
    • BCRplus44 (reddit, XB1)
      • Favorite RB4: Paramore - "Still Into You"
      • Favorite DLC: Green Day - "Homecoming"
      • Most Wanted: Green Day - "Dirty Rotten Bastards"
    • IF_I_WERE_ALIVE (reddit, PS4)
      • Favorite RB4: Live - "All Over You"
      • Favorite DLC: Rush - "2112"
      • Most Wanted: Smashing Pumpkins - "Tonight, Tonight"
    • Annon1984 (reddit, PS4)
      • Favorite RB4: The Killers - "Somebody Told Me"
      • Favorite DLC: Killswitch Engage - "My Curse"
      • Most Wanted: A Perfect Circle - "The Outsider"
    • John31269 (reddit, PS4)
      • Favorite RB4: Dream Theater - "Metropolis Pt. 1"
      • Favorite DLC: Opeth - "Ghost of Perdition"
      • Most Wanted: Haken - "Cockroach King"
    • Evmista (reddit, XB1)
      • Favorite RB4: Van Morrison - "Brown Eyed Girl"
      • Favorite DLC: Don McLean - "American Pie"
      • Most Wanted: Pink Floyd - "Hey You"
    • @BaddDadd2010 (forums, PS4)
      • Favorite RB4: Lynyrd Skynyrd - "That Smell"
      • Favorite DLC: Green Day - "Peacemaker"
      • Most Wanted: The Who - "The Punk and The Godfather"
    • @Dr. Para (forums, PS4)
      • Favorite RB4: Gin Blossoms - "Follow You Down"
      • Favorite DLC: The Killers - "Smile Like You Mean It"
      • Most Wanted: Rise Against - "Survive"
    • @LoopyChew (forums, XB1)
      • Favorite RB4: Paramore - "Still Into You"
      • Favorite DLC: James Gang - "Funk #49"
      • Most Wanted: The Breeders - "Cannonball"
    A huge thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations to our winners! I'm not sure, but I believe the codes Harmonix is providing for this are full-pack downloads of Going Country 09. Watch for a PM sometime in the next day or two!
  • Re: Introducing Weekly Challenges for Rock Band 4!

    Yes, but as i understand, each week will have to manually fill a new form, so we can't register until the first challenge (which is next week). Am i correct?
    Correct. The site will remember you via cookies after entering any challenge, so registering additional info will be faster. The submission form is only available while a challenge is active. I'll have a preview of how the whole thing works later this week.
    Just a FYI, the challenge page doesn't work on mobile.
    Mobile versions of the challenge rules, the submission forms, and the leaderboards will all exist by launch! Mobile compatibility is a huge concern for me with challenges -- you shouldn't have to be tied to a PC when playing your songs.
    Another question, I play on both Xbox and SCEE, how does that work in regards to entry and prizes?
    We request that you pick a single platform for challenge entries. One of our automated tests is to check that the HMX forum name or reddit account you link to your entries only corresponds to a single XBL/PSN username, so please submit on only one platform to ensure you're credited. (This only applies to challenge entries -- you don't have to worry about it automatically picking up both of your leaderboard scores.) Any DLC codes you win will be awarded for your chosen platform.