• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Bass Race

    A Prince 50-pack would totally rule.
    At least...
  • Re: Your Rock Band victory for the week...!

    I finally got a Vocal skill rating of 1000 on X-Bone (QuantumHandsome).
    I remember passing you once on all songs scores iirc (ExiledChaos90 here), and then everytime I looked at the leaderboards, you'd made the gap larger and larger. Impressively so. So here's the question I asked the other 1000 rated vocalist I saw of late: How the f**k did you do it?
    There's only one way -- you need to GS everything you've ever sang.
    Aye, I know how it's done. But how the f**k is it done?
    My advice is:

    1. Turn Freestyle Vocals on.
    2. Use Training, but never sing the whole song. Because you might beat it.
    3. Many of my Gold Starred songs were gained because I was "In The Moment".
    4. Breathe as soon as the "bar/pie" stops filling, then finish the rest of the phrase.
    5. Use vibrato.
    6. I can get more power out of higher octave, but run out of breath quicker.
    7. I can be more precise in a lower octave, but have less power.
    8. I find it easier to Gold Star or FC a song I don't know, because I follow the chart.
    9. Songs I know can be difficult because I tend to sing the Vocal (harmony) part I naturally gravitate to, rather than the chart.
    10. Sometimes the Vocal chart will hinder your knowledge of the song. Stop adjusting your voice for the chart when this happens, because you will beat the song if you sing it naturally.
    11. Remember your Vocal range is different to the original singer.

    Good luck.
  • Re: Fender Stratocaster Model # : 822151

    It is a Rock Band 1 Strat.

    It does not use Bluetooth.

    It uses a "USB dongle" to connect to PlayStation.
  • Re: Rockband 3 export to Rockband 4

    1. You can export Rock Band 3.
    2. You can still buy copies of ACDC, Track Pack 2, Metal Track Pack etc. An unused code is required to export them.
    3. You can buy a used copy of Rock Band 3. The best way to get the export is by playing RB3 on a PS3.
    4. You must own a Rock Band 3 disc.
    5. The extra cost is approx $15.

    6. Rock Band Blitz is being delisted. Buy that now.

    7. Now...
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Free Rivals Songs!

    I have not tried playing them, but I found them in "Ready to Install".