• Re: Online Quickplay, the December Update, and YOU!

    I think we should at least try it, before forming an opinion.

    But this is the internet, so...

    The sky is falling.
  • Re: Things that make you smile

    Cream Soda, Rock Band, and My Little Pony make me smile the most
    Two outta three ain't bad.
    which two are the good ones? because if you hate Cream Soda, I don't think we could ever be friends
    He must hate Rock Band...
  • Re: Green Day Export not working for SCEE users, weekly challenge is based on Green Day

    next week the challenge will be Songs Available on SCEE... it will be the smallest pool of Rivals challenge songs yet.
    1500+ songs...does not a small pool make...

  • Re: European PS4: Still waiting on entitlement fixes and delisted tracks... Bueller...

    Then how were they able to get those songs released (way later) to EU Xbox players if there was legal complications? What makes this such a different case? Also @HMXCrisis said she would ask the music team about this situation few months ago and has not came back with an answer. Is the music team as hard to get in contact as SIEE?
    Xbox is one giant store as opposed to Sony's hundreds of regional stores. If something is available in the US on Xbox, then it's likely also available in PAL and JP (LOL, like they buy Xboxes) by default.

    Not a conspiracy, just a happy accident during the Blitz-era that allowed those songs to appear to Europe. Note that even on Xbox, EU players will won't get EU content that was part of the Rock Band 1 export, so they're not even gaining anything extra.
    They can buy these songs so they are.
    Yes. The few that are still listed. And they have to pay again since it's no longer part of their export. So much extra.
    Oh, darling; It's not about the amount of "extra" content.
    they wouldn't need the "tool" to submit these songs for sale
    Yes, really.

    They wouldn't need the "tool" to submit the 6 EU Bonus tracks (for sale), or the Pretty Reckless song.

    They only need the "tool" to verify our entitlements and exports from the PS3.
    I don't know where you get your informations from.
    If this was the case, I don't know why it would have prevented RB Rivals preorders, too.
    It's a shame that this forum doesn't feature an ignore button, as it would be nice to block out Xbox lovelies who are here only to troll.
    An "Ignore Button"?

    Pressing a button, does everything except "Ignore".

    If you wish to ignore someone and/or something, don't respond.
  • Re: European PS4: Still waiting on entitlement fixes and delisted tracks... Bueller...

    After reading the latest posts, I assume most people here just decided to buy Rivals (I have not... just downloading the new patch).

    I can understand completely such a decision (we can consider ourselves the last hardcore EU RB fans) but I am also sure that is precisely the worst case scenario for us Euro RB Lost Boys if we ever want to get those exports. I mean... if there's money involved, no problem? (I am quite aware that that's not the way entitlements work, but it's just odd that everything seems to work almost just fine when there are euros on the bucket).

    So... anyone resisting the urge yet? Or can we admit we already lost this?

    It's a bit of a catch 22 though. It's likely that one of the reasons SCEE aren't getting off of their arses is that the EU Rock Band audience is perceived to be tiny, with no meaningful profit to be had. Not buying Rivals reinforces this for them on paper, as sales will be lower.

    However, as you say, if people buy rivals... they already have the money and might not feel any pressure to fix things. I can only hope that if people buy Rivals, SCEE recognise the potential for income from future DLC.
    You could be right. But I'll still stand my ground and not reward them for being useless
    Not rewarding "them", has the unintended consequence of punishing "you".

    Rivals is awesome.

    Principles can sometimes create a lose-lose situation.

    I lost by switching to X-Bone, which meant I had to buy everything again, and lost a little RB4 era delisted content. Sony lost because I am rewarding Microsoft with my business.

    But I won by finally getting to play:

    1. "Follow Me Down" by The Pretty Reckless
    2. ACDC
    3. The missing European songs

    Suck on that SCEE, you lost to a Rival...