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    I have modified a Hercules DG 200B.

    Almost any (Microphone Stand) Mobile/Tablet Holder can be modified into a Controller Holder.

    Remove any bits that are not needed for affixing a controller to.

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    Q's Man Cave

    My Man Cave is a tiny room where I play Video Games (including Rock Band), record music and spin vinyl.

    My Rock Band experience is a solo affair.

    AV Equipment

    1. PS3, PS4, 360 & X-BONE Console's
    2. 42" Senzu TV
    3. Samsung (Drum) Monitor
    4. Sony Soundbar/Behringer MS40 Monitor's
    5. 2x HDMI splitter's
    6. HDMI Switcher
    7. Optical Switcher
    8. Sony PS3/PS4 Wireless Headphones
    9. X-Bone TB 420X Wireless Headphones
    10. PS4 TB 400 Wireless Headphones

    Stock Instruments

    1. PS3 Band Hero Guitar
    2. PS3 Logitech Guitar
    3. PS3 Hofner Bass
    4. PS3 RB1 Strat
    5. PS3 Beatles Drums
    6. 2x PS4 Strat's
    7. 360 Hofner Bass
    8. 360 GH Metallica Guitar
    9. 2x X-Bone Strat's
    10. X-Bone Jag
    11. X-Bone Drums
    12. 2x RB1 Mic's
    13. RB4 Mic
    14. Wii U Mic

    RB3 Pro Instruments

    1. 2x Fender Squier
    2. Wireless Alesis Vortex Keytar
    3. 2x 360 Midi Pro Adapter's
    4. 2x PS3 Midi Pro Adapter's
    5. PS3 Midi Pro Adapter/Hercules Mod


    1. Roland TD9
    2. Ascend Double Kick Pedals
    3. Roodiment No-Legged Hi-Hat Stand
    4. Wireless Band Hero Drum Controller
    5. PS3 Midi Pro Adapter/Hercules Mod
    6. 360 Midi Pro Adapter/Hercules Mod


    1. Roland KT10/Rocksmith Cable (Tambo)
    2. 2x Solid Base Mic Stand's
    3. 1x PS3 Controller/Hercules Mod
    4. 1x PS4 Controller/Hercules Mod
    5. 1x X-Bone Controller/Hercules Mod


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    I finally got a Vocal skill rating of 1000 on X-Bone (QuantumHandsome).
    I remember passing you once on all songs scores iirc (ExiledChaos90 here), and then everytime I looked at the leaderboards, you'd made the gap larger and larger. Impressively so. So here's the question I asked the other 1000 rated vocalist I saw of late: How the f**k did you do it?
    There's only one way -- you need to GS everything you've ever sang.
    Aye, I know how it's done. But how the f**k is it done?
    My advice is:

    1. Turn Freestyle Vocals on.
    2. Use Training, but never sing the whole song. Because you might beat it.
    3. Many of my Gold Starred songs were gained because I was "In The Moment".
    4. Breathe as soon as the "bar/pie" stops filling, then finish the rest of the phrase.
    5. Use vibrato.
    6. I can get more power out of higher octave, but run out of breath quicker.
    7. I can be more precise in a lower octave, but have less power.
    8. I find it easier to Gold Star or FC a song I don't know, because I follow the chart.
    9. Songs I know can be difficult because I tend to sing the Vocal (harmony) part I naturally gravitate to, rather than the chart.
    10. Sometimes the Vocal chart will hinder your knowledge of the song. Stop adjusting your voice for the chart when this happens, because you will beat the song if you sing it naturally.
    11. Remember your Vocal range is different to the original singer.

    Good luck.
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    I finally got a Vocal skill rating of 1000 on X-Bone (QuantumHandsome).