• Re: RockBandAide's PAX East 2017 interview with Harmonix (RB4, entitlements, RBVR, DropMix and more!)

    I personally stopped playing because audio delay made it impossible to play with.

    Then I learned about a month or so ago that they've had a calibration guide around since forever so I should probably do that.
    I read about an audio delay in reference to XB1, but I think that was old info. Curious to see if what you mentioned fixes that issue.
    I have not had an audio lag problem playing Rocksmith guitar. I use an optical cable.

    And the keys to learning guitar are the possession of self motivation, self discipline and persistence.

    Lack of inherent talent can be overcome by practice.
  • Re: VoxTar Tambourine solution

    I've always wondered how people do the tambourine part if they're doing vocals whilst playing another instrument (guitar/bass/drums).... interesting idea. Let us know if it works!

    It'd be like going to a Passenger gig, where he stomps the stage while singing!

    At one time or another i've played guitar/bass/keys or drums whilst doing vocals and just resigned myself to the fact there wasn't any way I was going to do the tambourine part!
    It works on X-Bone, but I have not tried using it on PS4 yet.

    I will try it later in the week.
  • VoxTar Tambourine solution

    I like to VoxTar and I have been annoyed that I could not hit the Tambourine notes while playing Bass or Guitar.

    I have tried using my voice, but have not been successful.

    I created a "Tambourine Mod" (thanks @heppycat ) which can be found via the following link: http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/281964/rock-band-modifications-colin#latest
    It worked but...

    I now have a better solution, which I found because Rock Band has inspired me to return to recording music.

    I am currently building a monster pedal board configuration and I bought an "SX Stompbox", which simulates a "Kick Drum". I wasn't particularly impressed with it, but before I gave it a new home (the rubbish bin), I decided to test it as a "Rock Band VoxTar Tambourine Pedal".

    You will need:

    1. SX Stompbox (I think other "Kick Drum Simulators" will work)
    2. Rocksmith True Tone Cable
    3. Footwear

    I have tried this on X-Bone and bare feet will not register.

    I have not tested on PS4, but I will try it.
    I think it will work with a Bandfuse Cable.

  • Re: Does not hit notes

    Nothing has worked so at this point I have to conclude that this game/company are an incompetent waste of time.
    I'll ask the very, very silly and obvious question, but you do strum a fraction of a second before the note passes the bar, right?

    Even if you're using the higher frets (solo buttons) those would work without strumming in the solos, but still require strumming anywhere else on the charts.
    Of course, again, it's not me so next.
    Which console?
  • Re: Help Getting Songs

    1. You can edit your post (top right corner) and change "Rock Band VR" to "Rock Band Support".

    2. I am not from Harmonix, but you are on the community forums, so I will answer your questions.

    3. Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2 & Lego Rock Band cannot be purchased because the "Export" licence's have expired.

    4. "Rock Band Rewind" is releasing some of the songs from the expired exports as DLC.

    5. Rock Band 3 is still available, but you need to own a copy of Rock Band 3 and play it on a 360/PS3. Calibrate & sync trophy. Then start Rock Band 4, enter the in-game store, enter the Exports section, select RB3, pay $15 and download.

    6. Some DLC song licence's have also expired, and they are known as "Delisted".

    7. Track Packs with unused codes are still available. ACDC, Country Track Pack, Song Pack 1 etc

    8. Song Pack 2 also contains a delisted track. "Snow (Hey Oh)" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    9. Keep an eye on the following thread.