• Re: Voting Interface is Annoying

    I think the idea is it gives you a small window in case you hit the wrong button when you're alone. I've done it once or twice.
  • Re: You are forced to play one of three songs for all eternity. Which one do you choose?

    Actually like Yes We Can, the others can jump off a lake.
  • Re: Character Customization: What would you like to see?

    +1 for the return of two-color hair
  • Re: Features the Community Wants in Future Updates

    The lighter system is the next biggest issue for me now. I bought tons of DLC that I never really want to play alone and lighters were a way to avoid scrolling through all 1500 songs. It's not so easy to hop around via shortcuts.

    I also didn't realize how much it having the character customization dialed down so far and the lack of custom stand-ins would bum me out until I played.

    And I know people that read and participate in a forum skew toward the most enfranchised players, but I'm extremely sad that my Ion (XBox) will be gathering dust.

  • Re: Full Streak Show Mode RB4

    "Full Streak" doesn't appear to have anything to do with keeping a combo going. It says "Earn the 'Full Streak' stage presence award", so it is stage presence not notes hit. I'm pretty sure it means collecting every Stage Presence award available in the song, or it might be every Stage Presence award possible which wouldn't be available in every song. Stage Presence awards are the things like the hammer ons, speed freak, keep combo coming out of freestyle and stuff for guitar, and in the groove for bass. Drums has "fulfilled" for hitting the new fills. Everybody can get the 5-star. Etc.
    I'd love if this was all spelled out somewhere.