• Re: Of all the song sorting options, I really wish they would let me do this. Hopefully future update.

  • Re: Thoughts on Shows

    As much as the first point makes sense, I think the point of shows is to keep the game moving without going to the music library. Having a long string of choices would make the voting break that much longer.
    But it does take longer, in a way.

    For me, it seems that too often it is:
    ORANGE (more)
    ORANGE (more)
    ORANGE (more)
    ...I wish it hadn't picked that song.
    .....Quit Show.
    Start a Show.
    ORANGE (more)
    ORANGE (more)
    ORANGE (more)...

    ...And I don't think I'm THAT picky...
    Same here... either your branching idea or lighter system would mitigate that. The reason it happens for me is I have so much DLC that I just got for other people or whatnot, and was buying all DLC until we became aware that there was an upper limit on number of songs in RB3.

    I would probably just uninstall my least favorite songs except it's such a chore (and an even worse chore installing them back if I wanted to). Still might depending on how long it takes to "fix".

    Great OP by the way, Odin Force. 5 lighters.
  • Re: 1 month since Rock Band 4 came out, what are your thoughts?

    honestly after finishing the tour, i went back to RB3 for the first time in about a year so I could play with my Ion and my 400 RBN songs :( i know i am ungrateful but i has a sad
  • Re: You are forced to play one of three songs for all eternity. Which one do you choose?

    Actually like Yes We Can, the others can jump off a lake.
  • Re: RBN songs you miss already...

    OMG, so, so many. ! had over 400. :( Now that I tried to make a list, I'm in a deep depression. Thanks OP :pensive:

    I think I loved all the ones no one else mentioned though... Movies by AAF, Amazing Horse, Band of Horses, of Montreal, Pretty & Nice, Ra Ra Riot, The Shins, Jonathan Coulton, Scott Attrill, Jukebox the Ghost, Zack Wilson, Dear and the Headlights, etc etc etc