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    I used to cry myself to sleep nightly over being unable to access the Holy Bowler hat in RB3 because i was not a good enough keyboard player to pass the 'advanced scaled' lesson.


    You just can't make the all-droog crew without it.
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    Um, you can hit the cymbals on nonpro, can't you? If the blue cymbal feels more natural to you than blue pad, you can hit the blue cymbal when the drum cue comes up blue.
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    You gotta physically look at and count the leaderboard instances. The companion app is the only reliable source of what's contributing to your skill score right now (do not trust your in-game stars!).

    Go into the companion app, go to filters, filter by one specific 'difficulty' (what we usually call 'tier'; warmup, etc), then sort by stars. Each section header will show the number of songs you have matching that tier and starcount. If all your scores at the same starcount are the same play-difficulty (E-M-H-X) the tally should be easy. If you've got a mix of play-difficulties you've got some manual counting to do for each.
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    EDIT: Another point, the 10th anniversary of Rock Band is both a time of celebration and a bad omen. The bad omen is that relicensing starts again with the early RB1 DLC as 5 years since the last relicensing phase is approaching.
    Depending on how things were handled. I don't think HMX has been relicensing all their old things by active contact with the parties - that would be mad expensive (even getting a lawyer to spend 15 minutes talking to Neko Case's management in 2014 almost assuredly would cost more money then her song has earned since 2014) . I expect the original contract reads something along the lines of "Any time after five years from the date of this agreement the label/artist may request that their content be removed from the store. If the parties do not request a cease of sale, the content will continue to be sold and royalties will continue to be paid as per the terms of this agreement until such time as the artist/label requests it to cease". If that's the case, there is no new hurdle at the ten-year mark. This also explains some songs 'expiring' long after the 5-year window (if it was a 5 year renew-or-not one-time thing, Ace Frehley being cancelled after six and Styx getting cancelled near the seven-year mark would be odd).
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    Looking at the results screen this morning they may have disabled demotion anyway. All I see is a blue and green bar with no red zone.

    Also, I, like several redditors, was not awarded any of the shirts. Balls.
    I will forever believe that it was by blood sweat and tears that we held onto our current rivals status to win that prized tee.... Do not rain on my parade! ;)
    No, Owl and others have since confirmed to me that demotions did happen, there's just a wonky transition period where now they show the final percentages on the season-1 progress bars (which don't have demotion zones), not the season-0 ones (which did). You *could* have been demoted had you slacked, and your work did earn you the reward.