• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: The Big One O!

    Even Garth Brooks is hardly 'more country'; his style was always a country-rock hybrid; he always cites KISS as one of his primary influences.
  • Re: NFL / College Football Seasons

    I turned it off at 17-0 Vikings, when I believe Brees was sporting a 0.0 QB rating. Figured it was a good time for other things.

    On a whim I checked the score on my phone when I thought the game would be over. Saw it was 21-20 Saints with about 3 minutes left to play. Watched the rest.

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    I always found the ‘grunge’ bands were not especially similar in sound and influences, and were lumped together in large part by timing, location, label, and aesthetic. To me, Nirvana was quite influenced by punk and post-punk, Pearl Jam more by classic rock and folk rock, Alice in Chains more by hard rock and heavy metal. I don’t think grunge has specific roots in anything because its component bands have roots in just about everything.
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    Interesting. Would have figured if they did the multilicense thing, it would have been I Remember You circa Valentine's (possibly paired with Whitesnake, but 'Is This Love'), and Youth Gone Wild sometime else.

    Also surprised to have the same artist appear twice in the spotlight+ pass.

    That said, I'd have bought this, so sp+ is now at 4/4 happy for me.
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    So we can officially throw out the idea that rewinds are done once we get "Alive" and "A-Punk"
    But now we have to wonder... when we get a rewind that they don't have the "We needed to talk to them about licensing that artist for another title anyway and we tacked the rewind for RB4 into the same discussion" reasoning...

    ...Does this mean that any rewinds we're getting now are a foreshadow of other new songs by the same artist?

    Did HMX engage with Whitesnake's lawyers just to get a rewind of Here I Go Again?
    Did HMX engage with Whitesnake's lawyers to license "Is This Love", and while they had them signing papers anyway they rolled a rewind into the discussion?