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    If one of those fists should happen to fall, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine fists for us all.
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    Firedoom, are you Canadian? Most Canadians have distinct giveaways when they talk about music, so I've gotten a pretty good sense over the years who are and aren't the Canadians here. Had never really gotten that from you, but ... Aldo Nova and Red Rider in the same post?
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    VR gaming and motion gaming are similar in that you try it, have a lot of fun for a few hours over a couple if weekends then toss it in the closet where it sits untouched for years.
    Ironically stated on the Rock Band forum, when for the majority of the gaming public (from which we are a divergent freak subsect), that describes their lifecycle with plastiguitar games.
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    My buy of 'She' from the PS4-dash store had the same issue. My theory goes that the game only properly indexes content the first time it tries a 'detecting new content' after a system reboot. Any later time it plays pretend but doesn't actually detect new content.

    So if you buy-dl-install from the dash store before even launching rb4 in a session you'll be fine. But if you launch rb4 and detect new content, then drop to dash and buy-dl-install songs, those songs will go undetected by the game until the next reboot or license restore. Even full app close and relaunch won't make it detect the new stuff.
  • Re: Will rock band export songs be available as stand-alone dlc later?

    Why do we like to hurt so much?

    If That's What You Get is literally the only song you liked on the magnificent rb2 set list, I am not convinced getting rb4 is that wise for you. You'll probably only like one of its disc songs, too. Even if you buy all the Paramore, and Airplanes to boot, that's a whole pile to pay for, like, 10 songs you like.