• Re: Online Quickplay, the December Update, and YOU!

    HMX can't rewrite Sony's OS. Sony's OS doesn't actually allow last-gen controllers, but RB4 has been able to trick that by only detecting the controllers in-game and never letting them interact with any Sony OS element. Unfortunately, online play HAS to interact with a Sony element because Sony won't let anyone do online-play things unless they can validate that the player in question has paid the piper (Plus subscription).

    So there are two problems here: Sony won't allow old gen controllers to touch OS, and Sony won't allow any ID to engage in online play without validating Plus subscription through the OS.

    So, clearly all HMX's fault. No need to take a stand and withhold money from Sony here at all. It's not their policies that cause this whole mess. Nope.
  • Re: DLC Discussion: Week of 1/24 - Lady Gaga Pack 03!

    Will these be available on SIEE?!
    The only tracks that have had SIEE problems lately have been the songs-from-past-exports, right?
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    It does amaze me that, despite having access to all the play data from last gen, that 100% of the audience was playing keyboards with their spouse on ekit using random matchmaking and only playing rbn songs. How could hmx have so badly misread the stats?

    In all seriousness, hmx does have data. While the people unhappy about multi local player online are assuredly very (rightly) disappointed by its omission, in all likelihood it got chopped for the same reasons as keyboards and pro guitars; for the same reason set lists and ratings didn't make launch - they were deprioritized because of measured low-percentage-of-audience usage. I would like to see what percentage of online sessions last gen involved multiple players at the same console. I suspect it's a far lower percentage than the percentage of posts in this forum this year are about its omission.

    We (the forum 'loyalists' who are getting tarred and feathered for our lack of outrage) *get* it. It *sucks* to be in the niche that gets the shaft, especially when now-indie-hmx is forced into making budgetary decisions that have to disappoint niche users. I've been through it too (stares wistfully at the now-dust-covered keyboard and Mustang). This is the new reality, and frankly it's been the reality since rb4 announcement - at this point if you're surprised at new niche feature corner cutting either you've been fortunate enough to avoid being in one so far, or you've been through some and by now should understand and accept this is how HMX must operate now. They don't have the money to make every 5%-of-audience feature work like they did when Viacom paid the bills.
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    The thing about people quitting something... Is that they just quit and carry on. They don't spend hours on forums telling people they're quitting, they just one day decide 'this is no longer worth my time' and you never hear from them again.

    These giant tantrums and productions from people who, if they are to be taken at their word, are done with the series - why are you still here? Some vengeful hope that when you go down you stir enough discontent by making a loud exit in the forums that you've even made the people who aren't quitting annoyed? Bravo! That'll show em!

    I'm still here because I'm still playing this game. You know what forums I'm not on anymore? Games I've quit. When I stopped playing Skyrim I also stopped posting on Skyrim forums. I didn't hang around to see if I could coerce others to stop with me.
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    Wow. For someone so quick to draw knives at every decision HMX has ever made, that you're sweeping planned hardware obsolescence under the rug as necessary is at least mildly shocking. Most of the incompatibility caused by the generation jump hasn't been about faster or more efficient protocols, it's been about instituting proprietary security measures - because they don't want third party knockoff unlicensed peripherals they add new security requirements that, among other things, render previous generation peripherals obsolete.