• Re: RB4 Guest Character Request!

    Instead of wasting time making characters I'll never use, since I use my own, how about getting the delisted content updated.....
    Why in the world would you believe that the people whose time would be 'wasted' on art assets, are people whose time could be used to used to resolve delisting issues?

    "Well, instead of making another Mission Impossible movie, maybe Tom Cruise could look at my building's failing plumbing system." That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.
  • Re: What happened to the HMX of 2015?

    I would have to disagree, at one point, many weeks ago, this was accurate. Considering that there are at least 2 known Cal Pathers, who openly Cal Path & have stated they will continue to Cal Path until HMX fix it & @HMXOwl has been notified, multiple times about it, with no action taken for weeks...

    At this point it would be pretty much negotiating with terrorists. It would be giving the cheating users exactly what they're requesting. Just because they're posing themselves as the Good Guy cheaters who are trying to make things so bad that HMX is forced to deal with it... doesn't mean they're actually good guys, and really HMX is damned no matter what they do at this point, but man, would it set a really bad precedent to be known as a company that takes action to appease the demands of saboteurs. It just encourages anyone else in the future who wants change to do it in a "wreck your users' experience so badly you're forced to bend to us just like you did last time" manner.
  • Re: What happened to the HMX of 2015?

    As I said, they're in a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation. The 'vigilantes' trying to force the issue by abusing it put them in a no win situation. It looks now like it would be worse to do what they probably want to do anyway, because it would send the message that they can be sabotaged into doing things and cause people to try that tactic again.

    If these people actually want change, they chose the most piss-poor way of trying to get it.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread 3/07: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton and Paramore!

    I do really hope there's a genuine reason for doing this, rather than "We decided to do something different this time because we enjoy randomly annoying our most dedicated customers with no real benefit."

    As a followup to the whole "We're announcing DLC in the stream. Except when we said DLC we meant the baked-in tracks. Which we've specifically defined as not being DLC" fiasco, I am starting to get the feeling this is deliberate. I just don't know what they're gaining.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread 3/07: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton and Paramore!

    Um, a *lot* of people don't care for metal. Just because metalheads are so loud they try to represent themselves as a majority... they aren't.