• Re: Want to join a Rivals Crew? Post your stats here!

    Seeking a new member for ps4 crew thatforumcrew. Ideally someone who can gs vocal spotlight songs because that seems to be our area of greatest room for improvement right now, but we have room to improve at every instrument and could always use more XP earners. We currently stand to hold in Platinum this week, but it'll be tight if we can't bump up our spotlight.

    If interested contact here (either this thread, my other thread in this subforum, or private message) with PSN id.
  • Re: A Quick Update

    Good. The Marcy Playground song we have is already one too many.
  • Re: September 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Wake Me Up When This Overused Joke Ends

    I'm reading into Owl's constant insistence that the spotlight song list is 'stacked' to mean that there is at least one Coldplay song ("Birds"), and possibly one-and-a-half ("Birds" and "Something Just Like This").

    Which I'll forgive, as long as he gives me CHVRCHES.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Variety Hour!

    We can all vote for/against with our wallets.
    Unfortunately there was a bit of a semi-blind vote in that people had to commit to the spotlight pack purchase last week if they wanted to play the spotlight song in-week and realize the pack discount. We didn't know for certain whether the spotlight this week would be Stranglehold or Postpone, and many were hoping it would be Postpone. If I could trade my entitlement to Stranglehold for an entitlement for Postpone, I would.
  • Re: Introducing the Rock Band Season 2 Spotlight Pass!

    As someone who would rather not find out after buying the pass that I have put money in Ted Nugent's pocket, I would rather next week's spotlight be that Catfish song I've never heard, than Stranglehold.