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    You win some, you lose some. Rock Band got The Beatles. Guitar Hero got Van Halen. I'll take The Beatles, myself.
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    So being angry about all my scores being deleted points to me being a cheater, unless I can prove otherwise?
    I didn't say it makes you a cheater. I said it makes you impossible to distinguish from a cheater from just a forum posting. A cheater could yell but couldn't post new scores to back up their claims of legitimacy. A legitimately wronged user could both yell *and* post new scores to back up their claims of legitimacy. So, if you are legitimately that good and haven't lost your vocal cords in the interim, it's pretty easy for you to take the step that would allow them to distinguish you from a cheater, because right now, when all you do is yell, they cannot.
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    So go prove them wrong. Go earn back some of your culled scores and top the leaderboard again, demonstrate to them that you can earn those scores without exploits. Not that it'll bring your scores back but at least it would demonstrate to them that their cull was overzealous.

    Because just yelling foul in a forum without actually demonstrating that your score were legit other than by your own judgement ... is just going to be dismissed as a cheater pissed at being identified a cheater unless shown otherwise.
  • Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice


    (1) Now they are here, but they used to be there. Where would you go to lay FreQuency bare?
    HMX used to have their office in Cambridge.

    (2) Do you fly to live? Then here you belong. Exactly how hard is Guitar on this song?
    Quote is from Aces High, by Iron Maiden. 5 dots on Guitar.

    (3) Harmonix's dragon, "The One of a Kind". A magic elixir, for palates refined. It's had many slogans, and it will have more; in what two-year code sprang the one from before?

    (4) A little white church must still tithe and tax. Number the rubies found by hardest axe.
    As noted above, likely red notes on Little White Church X-guitar chart. May count later.

    (5) I'm just like 7, a friend to the buyer! But 7 was 2, and I am one higher.
    (7) I'm just like 5, I once was the king. But now they don't need me. I'm outdated bling. :(
    Could these be two songs with the same name? Like The Offspring's "Days Go By" which is 2 dots on guitar, while Keith Urban's "Days Go By" is 3 dots?

    (6) Seek out the "classics" -- like Siouxsie! The Who! The very last numbers, NTSC-U!
    Both Siouxie and The Who were on Classic Rock Track Pack. Maybe they want the last digits of the UPC of the NTSC edition of that?

    (8) Let's cut down deep. Do you think we should end it? The last three of Mark's song's true name can defend it.
    I think the only Mark we've got who has a song is Mark Ronson... last three ... "UNK"? Or is the 'true name' implying some other name...?

    (9) Can you defeat me? Try it and see. The spots on the RB3 horse, minus three.
  • Re: song installed / not showing

    Restart console. Not just rest+wake, but actual restart or power off and on.