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    Once you filter any list to have only songs you own, you can mass-add the contents of that list by clicking "Edit Found Songs", then in that popup, change the left box to "STATUS" and the right box to "Owned". Submit and it'll make everything in the presently-viewed filtered list "owned" in your collection.
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    Even Garth Brooks is hardly 'more country'; his style was always a country-rock hybrid; he always cites KISS as one of his primary influences.
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    Perhaps a solution would be to have each act have one primary genre, and then each track or album have a optional, hidden secondary genre? For example No Doubt would still be pop-rock, but the Tragic Kingdom album and a few other tracks would show up if reggae/ska was selected. It would also sort the whole "glam/prog but not metal" thing from last week.
    This problem and many more would be solved by my Grand Unifying Tagging Theory.

    If every song could be assigned a number of metadata 'tags' - some of them administered by HMX and unchangeable by the user, as well as allowing the user to define tags and assign them to songs within their own library...

    Then you could have all sorts of uses from a Rivals grouping perspective:

    One week could have all songs HMX tagged with "country_of_origin_UK" , one week could have all songs tagged "metal" (Dream Theater would be tagged *both* Metal and Prog and thus included, but Rush would be Prog but not Metal and excluded; Skid Row would be tagged Metal and Glam, but David Bowie would be Glam but not Metal).

    It would mean a song like Lady Gaga's "A-Yo" could be metadata-eligible for Country week because it would have a Country tag as well as its Pop/Dance/Electronic.

    On a personal library management perspective it would be like an awesome setlist tool:

    Filter to one of:
    Songs tagged "great_for_solo_karaoke"
    Songs tagged "my_guitar_favorites"
    Songs tagged "Good_multipart_harmonies"
    Songs tagged "Retro_night"
    All songs except songs tagged "HMX_and_indie_bands_nobody_at_this_party_will_want_to_sing"

    Then, based on the situation that presents itself, play random (or better yet, shows mode) where the game would only pick from songs that have/lack the tag(s) you selected.

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    J Aldean
    and a country queen
    ...but it’s no “Jolene”

    That don’t impress me much.
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    Rebecca Black Metal.