• Re: Introducing the Rock Band Season 2 Spotlight Pass!

    I think at least 1 of the final 3 will be 00s as we have 70s, 80s, 90s and 10s so far.
    Stacy's Mom

    It does seem awfully high on the "Why the **** don't we have this yet?" list.

    But if we're calling our shots on 00s spotlight, I'll choose my square as "Since U Been Gone".
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    "Seasonal reward unlocks are now one-time checks, not recurring server checks"

  • Re: Introducing the Rock Band Season 2 Spotlight Pass!

    If only someone had the foresight...
    So, what's the odds Sony ****s the bed next week and the new track entitlement isn't added to pass owners, leaving them forced to either buy again or wait out a fix that would cause them to miss playing the spotlight song in its spotlight week? I'll say at least 30%.
    Is it expected that in future weeks the entitlement will be absent immediately and will always require pass holders to wait (perhaps the process requires the song to exist in the store before the pack entitlement can be changed/applied?), or is this something that is expected to be a one-time problem and the next six should be free-to-packholders as soon as they hit the store?
    We expected it to be a zero-time problem.
  • Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    We're building a seawall! And the sea's going to pay for it!
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Hot and Cold

    and i thought Hold On would never be topped for 80s cheeseball classics in RB.
    "Hold On" is a '90s song though.
    it was recorded in the 80s, though, so that's my story and i'm sticking to it. close enough for me.
    Oh gotcha. Just like how the not-yet-released new Tool album is 90's because they started some recording for it back then. Makes sense. :)
    They put out 2 albums in the 00s fool. At worst, it should be dated no later than end-of-the-decade 00s.
    I was being semi-facetious. ;)
    It's a (mildly) interesting question though. Is Radiohead's "Man of War" a 1990s song or a 2010s song? It was written and recorded in 1996-1997, but not actually commercially released until 2017. Both seem right yet both seem wrong.