• Re: 2/21 Discussion Thread: Hard Rock Singles!

    One cool thing about the challenge starting today that may not have been considered is it allows you to go play around with the other modes for a week.

    - Want to play Rockudrama? There's no disadvantage as whatever songs you play in that mode will give you crew XP!
    - Want to play online but some people on your friend list and/or in your Rivals crew doesn't have that much DLC? That also works as every song counts!
    - Wanting to try to get some of the older achievements like the one about full streak stage presence? Your crew doesn't miss out as the song restrictions are based on the achievement, not the weekly challenge!
    One thing I do every weekly challenge is sort my challenge eligibles by stars earned and try each of my 4*s at least once, and each of my 5*s at least once, in an effort to shore up the scores that are pulling down my skill average (I've brought my guitar skill up from low-920s to mid-930s the past couple months). Having a challenge each week has broken the task of working on my low scores into manageable chunks, but there are songs that haven't been eligible for a long time that I'll now give some love to.
  • Re: RockBand 4 VOCALS static

    Static vocals would be great. Certain HDTV's might blur words, like mine. makes reading broken up words super tough.
    Put your tv in 'Game Mode'. Blurred words is usually the result of a cinematic tv mode that tries to 'improve' picture by simulating motion blur. But for most games, and especially this one, you want that disabled.
  • Re: Now that we've had a chance to try Rivals, what are your future expansion ideas?

    1) Practice mode for drums means having "Drum Freestyle" - for us eKit players (and even for Ion players who might be troubleshooting an intermittent cymbal or whatever) having no song at all is very helpful. I'm able to see what is triggering and tune timings.
    Go into practice mode on your proDrums.
    Choose System of a Down's "Spiders"
    Select from "Intro" through "Verse 1B"
    Start playing

    You'll have about 45 seconds of no charted drum notes, so you can use that time to test your equipment and timing. Then there'll be one charted beat and then it'll loop back to another 45 seconds of free time again.

    There probably exist songs that have even longer no-drum breaks, but I chose to stick with one I know everyone has because it's on disc. The key is, you have to choose a practice sectionset that includes at least one drum note or the drums won't even work in practice mode. So you can't just choose entirely-drum-free songs or sections (you can include drum-free sections as long as at least one of the sections you choose has at least one charted drum note).
  • Re: February Rock Band DLC Announced – The Month of Love [Discussion Thread]

    For me, Jack Black in High Fidelity.

  • Re: The "Pack à Trois" Discussion Thread! Love. Sadness. Threes.

    The Protomen have already done a great version of Danger Zone. HMX wouldn't need to hire some session musicians to replicate it, it's already there with an artist we know they can work with.