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    You can get a new copy easily, but it won't be super-cheap.
    Or you can be patient, with enough searching it's not at all impossible to find a new copy that's super-cheap.
    Or you can get easily order a used copy, for very little money, and hope to get lucky and find that the code wasn't entered by the previous owner(s).
    Do you feel lucky?
    In my case, my purchase was contingent on the code being unredeemed. So I wasn't really taking a chance (and the only chance the seller was taking was on my honesty - being a small local swap group the benefits of risking reputation offsets much risk of petty thefts).

    "Did you ever redeem the export code in that track pack?"
    "I don't know what that means"
    "Did you buy that track pack new-in-store?"
    "Send me a photo of the number on the back of the manual and I'll try to redeem it. If it works I'll give you five bucks, and you can keep the disc. If you sell the disc to someone else and they ask if it's been redeemed, the answer will be 'yes'"
    (sends code)
    "It worked! Here's your five bucks! Have a good weekend!"
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    I had no idea myself. I can still buy track packs (I assume they have to be new? or does it?) and export them into Rock Band 4? Probably after installing to RB2/RB3 first?
    If they're new, you can be sure they're unredeemed. If they're 'used', there's a high chance they've already been redeemed (someone has already punched the code on the manual into their account and 'consumed' it), but you might get lucky (I bought a used Country Track Pack 2 off a local swap group, and the owner ever only played it directly off-disc and never exported it, so despite the game being 'used', the code was unredeemed).

    You don't need to install to RB2/3 at all. You could redeem a pack code and get entitled the content without even owning a last-gen system.
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    If your system doesn't connect to Rock Central immediately at launch, your game will not get the shirts for that session. So if you see "recent activity is unavailable" in that top right panel when the main menu comes up - no shirts for you. If you see info there (like the newest-dlc announcement) the shirts will be in your tops, between Brock's Beating Heart and Effortless Tee. They will NOT be flagged as 'new' tops.
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    My first employer laid me off at 9 years 10 months. Was so close to that ten year pin.

    Now 8 years 10 months at the place I worked next after that.
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    No 'insider information', all black-box view by studying skill impacts of various performances on an account that, pre-study, had zero recorded scores. With at least one GS at every tier (and no sub-GSes that I didn't eventually bump up to GSes) I got that account up to 1000 skill (on bass).

    Reverse engineering FTW.

    I published a dissertation on my findings here:

    (I have, just this past week, been given more info by further work by @djb5f1 that tells me hard scores are simply 80% of the equivalent expert star count, not the estimated values i have in that doc).