• Re: Sterling Archer...

    I suspect there's a hard cap on the number of items allowed in the 'Character' pulldown - this is why they didn't just add new characters when they wanted fresh prefabs, but they overwrote existing ones (pours out a 40 out for the genuine Proper Alan).

    Adding Archer to the characters list might have forced them to either clobber a prefab (I would hope they've learned people get irate when their favorite prefab gets yanked) or have a potential upgrade-logic issue with people who already made the maximum allowable number of customs.

    Doing it this way allows players to have Archer take up a custom slot (or not) at the user's discretion. If they have as many characters as allowed they can choose for themselves which to clobber, rather than have some automatic programmed clobber.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: VR Singles!

    Meh. Wake me up when One Way or Another and Gold On the Ceiling hit. Those were the only new songs from VR I wanted.
    One Way Or Another isn't a new song, it was on the RB2 export. And I have a hard time believing that for someone who doesn't own the RB2 export, there are only 2 songs on that setlist you want - if your tastes are that narrow I can't imagine this game could possibly have ever satisfied you.

    I didn't need to dig deep into your history to find Alice in Chains as your #1 want. Uh, if you don't have the RB2 export, you don't have Man In The Box, and it seems like you'd want that from the RBVR setlist. If you do have the RB2 export, you already have One Way Or Another.

    Your Ultimate Setlist list also mentioned Fleetwood Mac, and "Go Your Own Way" is the same situation. More astoundingly, your wishlist post explicitly mentioned The Pretty Reckless' "Heaven Knows", a song we don't have that you bothered to put on your ultimate wishlist post that, now that it's actually coming in RBVR, is suddenly a song you don't want?


    Pose much?
  • Re: March 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Luck of the Fightin' Irish

    You spelled The Lumineers horribly, horribly wrong.
  • Re: What happened to the HMX of 2015?

    I would have to disagree, at one point, many weeks ago, this was accurate. Considering that there are at least 2 known Cal Pathers, who openly Cal Path & have stated they will continue to Cal Path until HMX fix it & @HMXOwl has been notified, multiple times about it, with no action taken for weeks...

    At this point it would be pretty much negotiating with terrorists. It would be giving the cheating users exactly what they're requesting. Just because they're posing themselves as the Good Guy cheaters who are trying to make things so bad that HMX is forced to deal with it... doesn't mean they're actually good guys, and really HMX is damned no matter what they do at this point, but man, would it set a really bad precedent to be known as a company that takes action to appease the demands of saboteurs. It just encourages anyone else in the future who wants change to do it in a "wreck your users' experience so badly you're forced to bend to us just like you did last time" manner.
  • Re: RockBandAide's PAX East 2017 interview with Harmonix (RB4, entitlements, RBVR, DropMix and more!)

    I stand politely opposed to your allegation that siding with the Pineapple abomination is, in any way, Canadian.

    A Canadian pizza has Pepperoni, Bacon, and Mushrooms.

    A pizza with Pineapple on it is even more blasphemous in Canada than elsewhere. But really, it should call for an International Cuisine Crime tribunal whenever it occurs anywhere on Earth.