• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: VR Singles!

    This month has been brought to you by Seattle.

    Week 1: Soundgarden in spotlight
    Week 2: Foo Fighters in spotlight
    Week 3: All Seattle is spotlight and challenge
    Week 4: Foo. Again.
  • Re: RockBandAide's PAX East 2017 interview with Harmonix (RB4, entitlements, RBVR, DropMix and more!)

    You, me, Woody, zabby, and Uppy all slip up and let our Canadianness show from time to time.
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    OK. everyone. Fix your avatars. Team Drowns, line up to my right. Team Downs, line up to my left. Now get out there and rumble! Be sure to d(r)own every opponent you see!
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    Meh. Wake me up when One Way or Another and Gold On the Ceiling hit. Those were the only new songs from VR I wanted.
    One Way Or Another isn't a new song, it was on the RB2 export. And I have a hard time believing that for someone who doesn't own the RB2 export, there are only 2 songs on that setlist you want - if your tastes are that narrow I can't imagine this game could possibly have ever satisfied you.

    I didn't need to dig deep into your history to find Alice in Chains as your #1 want. Uh, if you don't have the RB2 export, you don't have Man In The Box, and it seems like you'd want that from the RBVR setlist. If you do have the RB2 export, you already have One Way Or Another.

    Your Ultimate Setlist list also mentioned Fleetwood Mac, and "Go Your Own Way" is the same situation. More astoundingly, your wishlist post explicitly mentioned The Pretty Reckless' "Heaven Knows", a song we don't have that you bothered to put on your ultimate wishlist post that, now that it's actually coming in RBVR, is suddenly a song you don't want?


    Pose much?
  • Re: RB4 Guest Character Request!

    Instead of wasting time making characters I'll never use, since I use my own, how about getting the delisted content updated.....
    Why in the world would you believe that the people whose time would be 'wasted' on art assets, are people whose time could be used to used to resolve delisting issues?

    "Well, instead of making another Mission Impossible movie, maybe Tom Cruise could look at my building's failing plumbing system." That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.