Unfortunately I have found RB4 to be a series of disappointments, but I'm glad to see others are having more fun.

    I appreciate not having to switch between my consoles to be able to play, but that's about it... not a huge deal, and I doubt they put much money into this version so hopefully they at least broke even. Nothing against HMX, but unfortunately I've been disappointed over and over and over since the game's release.

    At this point I just take it for what it is: a barebones Rockband experience that I can play on my xbone.

    edit: I should point out that I prefer the "release a complete game even if it delays release" and/or "expanded features should be free if the initial game isn't complete" camp. That is obviously in direct opposition to how this game was handled, and I'm sure greatly influences my opinion about it.
  • Re: Completing Guitar Hero Live

    This set list is killin' it. Beartooth? BEARTOOTH?! The game looks like ****, but the setlist makes me happy in the pants. Please do better Rockband. Don't make me cry myself to sleep.