• Rockband Rivals $100 Holiday bundle at Gamestop "delisted"

    I'll keep this brief:

    If anyone was on the fence about the $100 Rivals bundle (Rivals + drums + guitar + mic) at Gamestop then it is probably time to act. I look at it every-so-often and finally decided to go for it when my local store explained to me that it was 'delisted' and gave me a short list of who might have it nearby.

    I honestly have no idea what 'delisted' means, but I will tell you that the Gamestop website showed ALL locations as 'out of stock' even though a local store had one copy left. When I went to get the bundle they also threw in a free set of 3 symbols (must be a promotion?) and the woman told me that I was 'lucky' (and I definitely felt lucky).

    Anyway, my point is that these are no-longer easily accessible online and it appears that only actual stores can tell you where they were located. I know that most of the people here already own the game, but if anyone just got the base game + legacy adapter this is a killer deal that isn't worth missing!
  • Re: Which artists in Rock Band have you seen in real life?

    This is fun! I'll have to look at the list...

    OK well apparently the list site RBDB.online just doesn't work, because it's been "loading songs" for 10 minutes... -_-
    My experience is that the site sends a file to your browser (along with a script telling your browser how to read it) and then your browser helps you read it. Try restarting your browser.....?
    Thanks for the info! Managed to get it on my phone (neither Edge nor Chrome worked on my PC), my list per that website (which I think is missing RBN?) is...

    "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Alien Ant Farm
    All Time Low
    Bring Me the Horizon
    Chevelle x4
    Chiodos x2
    Cobra Starship
    A Day to Remember
    Deftones x2
    The Devil Wears Prada
    Fall Out Boy
    Huey Lewis and the News
    Limp Bizkit
    Marilyn Manson
    Maroon 5
    The Offspring
    Rob Zombie
    Stone Temple Pilots
    System of a Down
    Taking Back Sunday
    Underoath x4
    The Used

    It's sad how many of those I was "dragged" to or were just coincidence as I was seeing a different headliner, haha.

    For RBN I can add...

    Dance Gavin Dance x5
    Emarosa x3
    Haste the Day
    Hyro da Hero
    Ill Nino
    Memphis May Fire x4
    Motionless in White
    Norma Jean
    OTEP x2
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    Silverstein x8+
    A Skylit Drive x5
    Taproot x2
    The Word Alive x3

    This was a lot of fun and I got enjoy a lot of Rockband nostalgia and concert nostalgia! Plus I got to avoid doing the studying I desperately need to do for almost two hours!

    Thanks to the creator for such a fun thread!

    edit: went through and added the times I can recall seeing each band... because avoiding studying :)

    Unfortunately I have found RB4 to be a series of disappointments, but I'm glad to see others are having more fun.

    I appreciate not having to switch between my consoles to be able to play, but that's about it... not a huge deal, and I doubt they put much money into this version so hopefully they at least broke even. Nothing against HMX, but unfortunately I've been disappointed over and over and over since the game's release.

    At this point I just take it for what it is: a barebones Rockband experience that I can play on my xbone.

    edit: I should point out that I prefer the "release a complete game even if it delays release" and/or "expanded features should be free if the initial game isn't complete" camp. That is obviously in direct opposition to how this game was handled, and I'm sure greatly influences my opinion about it.